GDPR – the simple truth.

For most businesses the process of becoming GDPR compliant is actually very simple and yours shouldn’t wait to become compliant just because you don’t think it affects you. It’s all about protecting our dear end users, period!

What’s the point, my business is not in Europe?

Yes, we hear it all of the time. However, think about this:
You received over 20 emails from every major company that you know and respect, letting you know that they are compliant to this new provision. They aren’t just doing it to avoid data suspension or the 4% fine from your annual revenue.

It’s all about ethics and respecting the online user ( your customer ).

At the end of the day, we want our clients and end users to know that we respect their privacy and personal data, browsing habits or whatever information we happen to collect about them when we create a remarketing Google Adwords campaign or use that fine Facebook Pixel.

At Your Fuse Inc. we have always respected an ethical approach to data collection and we would love to show you how your business can as well.
Book an appointment with one of our world class digital specialists today and let’s show the world that we take our data seriously.

Here is what our terms and privacy policy look like:

Link to article on website:

Yours Truly,
Igor Komolov
CEO & Founder
Your Fuse Inc.

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