GDPR – the simple truth.

For most businesses the process of becoming GDPR compliant is actually very simple and yours shouldn’t wait to become compliant just because you don’t think it affects you. It’s all about protecting our dear end users, period!

What’s the point, my business is not in Europe?

Yes, we hear it all of the time. However, think about this:
You received over 20 emails from every major company that you know and respect, letting you know that they are compliant to this new provision. They aren’t just doing it to avoid data suspension or the 4% fine from your annual revenue.

It’s all about ethics and respecting the online user ( your customer ).

At the end of the day, we want our clients and end users to know that we respect their privacy and personal data, browsing habits or whatever information we happen to collect about them when we create a remarketing Google Adwords campaign or use that fine Facebook Pixel.

At Your Fuse Inc. we have always respected an ethical approach to data collection and we would love to show you how your business can as well.
Book an appointment with one of our world class digital specialists today and let’s show the world that we take our data seriously.

Here is what our terms and privacy policy look like:

Link to article on website:

Yours Truly,
Igor Komolov
CEO & Founder
Your Fuse Inc.

Last Updated: February 19, 2021

Your Fuse is always redefining and analyzing our core values. Internally, we encourage each other to learn new ways and old ways of seeing things, to apply self-similarity, to adapt & foster intelligent ideas through strategic growth & mutual benefit. To strive for improvement of processes.


We take a lot of pride in our work and we should; some of the daily planning, budgeting, logic solutions, design, programming & technical challenges that we overcome are tremendous.

We are communication driven. We believe in information sharing and transparency. Our internal & external communications are our most important tools.


As humans we have very complex ways of visualizing an end product. However, this complex visual that we hold in our minds eye is often something that can be further broken down into its most simplest forms.

This is what we love to do and this process helps us design the simplest possible solution to get your MVP going, to get a rapid prototype in the hands of your investors or as we scale your project from 0.01 to 1.0 with your team and clients.

Combined with agile project planning, we can adapt & design the blueprint you need to be approved by investors, stakeholders, VCs etc., and we continue to build that blueprint with you as your project grows.


Our process allows for frequent close contact collaboration (virtual) with you the client, which includes general project steering, acceptance testing & planning meetings.

At the same time, we are coordinating internally and plan new estimates when requirements change. This allows for total project budget control and resourcing.


Courage can manifest in many forms. Sometimes as bias, fear or patience. Combined with communication, simplicity or feedback; courage becomes a powerful tool. It lets us speak the truth, weather unpleasant or pleasant which helps foster trust and communication. Taking the courage to strategically discard failing solutions while seeking new and improved ones drives simplicity! Real and concrete answers, giving you the edge you need to help steer your vision!


We start by respecting ourselves and our teammates. Respecting the project is of the utmost importance and we are huge proponents of respecting the process. By respecting ourselves, our teammates & the process, not only do we respect the project but we also respect your team, stakeholders, investors, communities and families across the world.

Yours Truly,

Your Fuse Team